May 23-24, 2018
St. Louis, MO


  • Intellectual Property and the Microbiome | Interview with Megan Lyman

    Exclusive interview with Megan Lyman, IP, Regulatory & Product Development, AgTech Accelerator.

    Megan Lyman is IP/Regulatory Counsel at AgTech Accelerator in RTP, North Carolina. She provides diligence in scouting new companies across technologies in agriculture, as well providing IP and regulatory strategy and implementation to AgTech’s portfolio companies. Starting her legal career at Jones Day, Ms. Lyman practiced in IP litigation and prosecution before opening her own practice in North Carolina. With a focus in the life sciences, Ms. Lyman assisted scientists and businesses alike in the creation and implementation comprehensive IP and regulatory strategies.  Her clients were guided from the initial stages of patent landscaping and freedom to operate, to patent prosecution, through Inter Partes Review, licensing, and general counsel needs.