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Creating Safe, Effective & Affordable Microbiome-Targeted Producted That Improve Animal Health & Nutrition

As scientific researchers continue to investigate the complexities of the animal microbiome, our mission for the 2nd Microbiome Movement – Animal Health & Nutrition Summit is simple: Unite pioneering industry and academic researchers to lay out the foundational framework around the unique scientific and translational challenges involved in developing and commercializing nutritional and therapeutic solutions that harness the animal microbiome to improve performance and overall health.

Our conversations have highlighted that although a strong commercial opportunity exists, there are critical areas of basic science that need addressing including demonstrating causality of the animal gut microbiome, understanding the impact of antibiotics, integrating –omics approaches with robust study programs that demonstrate product efficacy, as well as navigating regulatory, IP and commercialization pathways to ensure product success.

If you’re keen to make sense of animal microbiome science and its application in both the pet and livestock industries, join your scientifically-driven peers from the nutritional, pharmaceutical and academic community to help you create safe and effective microbiome-targeted products that improve animal health and nutrition.

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