Welcome To 3rd Microbiome Movement - Animal Health & Nutrition Summit

Whilst antibiotic misuse continues to present itself as a problem in livestock production, domestic animals are suffering from increased chronic gut health issues.

This has caused an influx of microbiome-targeted feed additives and therapeutics being accelerated to market to improve animal health, nutrition, performance and productivity. However, significant challenges remain in demonstrating the commercial value of these products, particularly when benchmarked against more traditional solutions.

Early market growth is indicating increased adoption of animal microbiome science in product development. Join us to make sure you don’t miss out on creating the next generation of safe, effective and affordable microbiome-targeted products for improved animal health and nutrition outcomes.

Other Events In The Series - Hear What Our Customers Say

“This meeting will provide insights to current microbiome product development and serves as the key networking event in the animal microbiome space.”

Confirmed Speaker, Orion Pharma

“I am looking forward to a conference that integrates
discussion of multiple factors affecting the microbiome. Bringing together experts in companion animal and livestock science will facilitate collaboration and
cross-pollination of the best ideas and practices from each arena."

Confirmed Speaker, AnimalBiome