Welcome To 3rd Microbiome Movement - Animal Health & Nutrition Summit

The 3rd Microbiome Movement – Animal Health & Nutrition Summit brings together leading industry researchers from three verticals to discuss the shared challenges of animal-microbiome product development. With a key focus on research science, this is your opportunity to join your peers from industry and academia to discuss key topics including:

  • Exploring the discovery and application of probiotics to improve gut health and productivity
  • Delving into how prebiotics and postbiotics can be harnessed to improve animal health and nutrition
  • Hear the thoughts of leading meat producing companies on what microbiome-targeted products they want to see developed
  • Explore how diet and nutrition affects obesity, gut health and overall health in companion animals
  • Our 3 interactive workshops covering the gut-brain axis, partnerships and modulating the entire ecological community

This is your opportunity to join the definitive forum for researchers in the livestock, companion animals and aquaculture industry to harness the scientific potential of the animal microbiome and translate new findings into product reality.


Excellent interaction with key stakeholders in the animal microbiome field!

John Gregg, BalinBac Therapeutics


It’s one of the best organized conferences both in content and delivery; capturing leading concepts in the field; ushering possibilities of collaboration within the AH Microbiome community

Arvind Kumar, Elanco


It was an intimate meeting with great networking and content

Jennifer Radosevich, Hill’s Pet Nutrition