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Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

In-Conference Workshop: It’s All About the Regs - Navigating IP Strategy & Regulatory Paths to Build a Robust Product Portfolio

A lot of uncertainty remains in determining an IP strategy and regulatory path in the animal microbiome space, given the tight navigation between naturally occurring methods and algorithms with machine learning. This workshop will give you a deep dive into:

  • How intellectual property claims throughout the product development cycle can both protect and accelerate commercialization of your microbiome-targeted product for animal health
  • The IP registration process – how long does it take? What trade rules/barriers and opportunities are there for building a strong IP portfolio in the animal microbiome space?
  • The industry’s experience of working with regulatory frameworks to get approval for microbes as nutritional additives or therapeutic products


The Hills and Valleys of IP Portfolios – Navigating the EverChanging Landscape for Protection & Value



Megan Lyman
Vice President –
Legal Affairs
Alexandria Real
Estate Equities, Inc.


Regulation of Microbiome Derived Feed, Feed Additives, & Therapeutics for Livestock

John Gregg
Therapeutics, Inc


Panel Discussion: Walking a Fine Line - Understanding How IP & Regulatory Considerations for Nutritional & Therapeutic Product Development are Intertwined



Megan Lyman
Vice President –
Legal Affairs
Alexandria Real
Estate Equities, Inc.

John Gregg
Therapeutics, Inc

Designing Study Programs to Demonstrate Product Efficacy & Accelerate Product Candidates to Market

Working on microbiome product development in the animal setting might mean that to some extent, there are fewer confounding factors, sample sizes tend not to be an issue and animal genetics are similar. However, there are opportunities for improving the design of study programs. This theme will explore study design aspects such as experimental diet testing procedures, sampling techniques and quality control considerations that will help provide efficacy and safety data for your product.


Conducting Definitive Studies on Product Efficacy & Effectiveness and Generating Data that Meet Regulatory Requirements

Jeff Carter
Research Scientist -
Nutritional Health


Networking & Morning Refreshments

Discussing Learnings that Will Help You to Bring a Product to Market

Having heard updates on the innovative science, IP & regulatory landscape for the animal microbiome space, the meeting now shifts gears to exploring how to apply this R&D in the commercial setting. This theme will highlight commercial and R&D lessons learned in bringing a product to market.


Sharing R&D and Commercial Lessons Learned to Develop a Marketable Product

Mike Seely
Ascus Biosciences

Highlighting the Microbiome Science of Nutritional Products for Animal Health

Innovation in microbiome science for animal nutrition has been driven by both pet parent investments in pet health and consumer demand for solutions other than antibiotics that improve livestock performance and productivity. This theme explores the fast-growing commercial opportunities in the animal nutrition sector that is harnessing microbiome science.


Translating Microbial Technologies into Novel Nutritional Products in the Swine & Poultry Setting

Huyen Tran
Senior Research
Scientist, Swine Feed
Purina Animal
Nutrition, LLC - Land
O’Lakes, Inc.


Meals for Microbes: Dogs, Cats, Diet, & the Microbiome

Jess Jarett


Dietary influences on the companion animal microbiome: implications for pet health

Jennifer Radosevich
Worldwide Director of
Hill’s Pet Nutrition


Lunch & Networking


Demonstrating the Impact of Natural Digestive Enzymes
on Equine Digestion, Gut Health & Performance

Harry Paul

Breakout Roundtables

A holistic understanding of market opportunities that are harnessing microbiome science in the animal space is key to solidifying the commercial foundations for this space. This session will facilitate open discussion amongst participants in an informal setting. After splitting into groups, participants will have the opportunity to discuss one of the following questions:

14.30 Microbiome Biomarkers in the Animal Setting

  • How can identification of microbiome-based biomarkers support the development of live biotherapeutic products for both livestock and pets?

14.30 Manufacturing Microbial-Based Products at Commercial Scale

  • What specific considerations should be made in terms of scaling manufacturing processes, product shelf-life, storage and efficacy when working with microbes?

14.30 In-Feed Additives in the Livestock Setting

  • How can we work with strains that are and are not on the GRAS list and how can we monetize these products?

Spotlight on Commercialization and Producer, Veterinarian & Pet Parent Needs

As microbiome-targeted solutions begin to gain market traction in the animal health and nutrition sectors, understanding the best market entry strategies for these products will be crucial in ensuring their success. Another hurdle to overcome is consumer adoption of these technologies. This theme will provide an opportunity to reflect on producer needs that can inform product development in terms of on the ground requirements on the farm. This theme will also enable understanding of pet parent concerns, market entry points and establishing microbiome-targeted products as a core part of retailer business.


Panel Discussion: Where do we Stand With Integration of Microbiome-Based Products into Mainstream Meat Protein Production and Veterinary Practice?

Mirja Huhtinen,
Animal Health
Development Director
Orion Pharma R&D

Harry Paul

Dari Brown
Senior Director,
Livestock Technical
Purina Animal
Nutrition, LLC - Land
O’Lakes, Inc.


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks


End of 2nd Microbiome Movement – Animal Health & Nutrition Summit