2019 Partners To Date

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Innovation Partner: 

Gnubiotics is a Swiss biotech company, supplying breakthrough nutritional ingredients to positively influence the microbiome in animals. Gnubiotics’ GNU100,  is the only product with the natural complexity and diversity of animal milk oligosaccharides critical for supporting naturally restoring microbiome symbiosis disrupted by modern diets. Complex and diverse oligosaccharides found in animal milk  naturally grow vital commensals and inhibit pathogen and thus contribute to the overall growth and development of  production and companion animals from weaning to adulthood.


Exhibition Partner: 

BioPlx has developed proprietary interventional microbiomics technology to address the need for an alternative to antibiotics in treating bovine mastitis and other herd infectious disease. Designed for safety, efficacy, and functionality under austere conditions, this solution is concurrently being developed to prevent hospital-acquired infections in humans. BioPlx is seeking an animal health partner to help translate this technology to address parallel health problems for the animal health market.


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