Workshop Day | Monday October 19, 2020

Workshop A

9.00-11.30 EDT

Understanding the Gut-Brain Axis in Animals & its Effect on Overall Health

Links between the gut microbiome and neurological conditions have been well explored in humans, however the research in animals is trailing behind. This session will interactively explore the associations between the gut and the brain and look at how this can be utilized to improve overall animal health.

Topics to be discussed:

• Factors in livestock production affecting the gut-brain axis
• Implications of disturbances of the gut-brain axis


Workshop Leader:

Marcos Rostagno, Director, Technical & Regulatory, Phytobiotics

Dr Francesca Susca, Pet Development Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Workshop B

12.30-15.00 EDT

Exploring the Benefits of Forming Partnerships

Recently, there has been a number of partnerships forming within the space, whether that be industry-industry or industry-academic institutions. These are pivotal for the field to progress. This session will explore some of the partnerships that have recently been formed and will explore the importance of more being formed as we move forward.

Topics to be discussed:

• The role of academic:industry:government partnership in support of animal health
• Building a deep and enduring industry: academic partnership around animal health, a case study
• Breakout discussion with university and industry liaisons about the value of external


Workshop Leader:

Deborah Thompson, Director, Partnerships, North Carolina State University

Also Featuring:

Arvind Kumar, Research Advisor, Global Vaccine & Biologics, Elanco

Thomas Frost, Director, Innovation & Application, DSM Nutrit

Workshop C

15.30-18.00 EDT

Effectively Modulating the Entire Ecological Community to Improve Animal Health

Although many see the microbiome-based modulators to be individual molecules or microbes, other believe that the entire microbial ecological community must be targeted in order to see real change. This session will explore The Entire Microbiome vs. A Few Good Bacteria.

Topics to be discussed:

• What constitutes a healthy microbiome and what are the beneficial bacteria?
• How does adding or removing a strain effect the community as a whole?
• Is there a silver bullet treatment?
• Going forward – how do we translate a composition of a microbiome into some sort of function?


Workshop Leaders:

Christian Maltecca, Associate Professor, Quantitative Genetics, North Carolina State University

Christopher Belnap, CEO, Resilient Biotics